You will drive to a secluded sandy beach to forget your troubles. Stretching out on your velour towel, allowing the sun to warm your skin, you will imagine yourself a reclining nude of antiquity, a deity of the Mediterranean. A sharp sting on the back of your thigh will jolt you out of your daydream, and the sight of a skittering sand scorpion will have you springing to your feet. You will look around for someone and find that you are alone. You will try your cell phone and find that you have no service. You will gather your belongings, toss them in the car, and head for the nearest hospital. In the emergency room, a PA will wash the sting with soap and water, apply a cool compress, and direct you to take 1-2 acetaminophen every 4 hours. You will be fine. The next day you will return to the same beach, continue your daydream, meet your soul mate, lose weight, travel to Paris, and win the lottery.