You will drive to the 7-11 one night to buy a bag of fried pork rinds and some Hostess cupcakes and will decide to buy a lottery ticket at the last moment. As you sit on your couch watching the late news you will choke on a pork rind as you see your winning numbers march across the screen. After you recover from a massive coughing fit you will sit down and begin to consider what you want to do with your million-dollar windfall. After considerable thought you will decide that what you really want to do is fulfill your lifelong dream to have your own fireworks stand. In less than a month you will have a circus tent south of town filled with over two-hundred and seventy-five different kinds of sparklers, buzz bombs, roman candles, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, aerial repeaters, black cats, showering spinners, mortars, rockets, fountains and general pyrotechnic pandemonium. In three months you will have such a booming business, the result of patriotic fervor of course, that you will extend your empire with outlets all over the state and beyond into Colorado, Iowa and Minnesota. You will even appear on Fox News in a forum of ultra-patriots. Unfortunately a group of Pakistani militants will commandeer one of your trucks and will drive it into the heart of the Mall of America. You will be implicated in the ensuing disaster.