You will be traveling by airplane when you meet an interesting passenger seated next to you. During a long flight you will befriend this passenger who happens to be the casting director for a brand new reality television show series for MTV called Death or Sex. After several martinis, you will be convinced to star as a contestant on the new show. When your spouse reads the fine print of the contract and discovers that your costume and props will consist of a mini skirt, a sequin tube top, and a macheté, there will be some friction and your family will decide to write you off. But the contract will have you by the short hairs, so you will be forced to participate. Experiencing a change of heart, your family will decide to attend the taping of the inaugural show. Unfortunately, several of the contestants will get a little out of hand and limbs will be lost; lucky for you, not yours. The producers will decide that although the reality series is a bust, they can recoup some of their expenses by using the footage for a Band Aid commercial. This will leave you with a tidy $4000 per broadcast residual for the next seven years.