Sense / Antisense

This is a Poem: SENSE/AntiSense originated as a powerful performance piece created by poets Jason Taellious and Richard Thietje. In a process that spanned many months, Glowing Heads took the complex poetic work, recited in contrapuntal and synchronous form, and elucidated the concepts with strata of visuals, text, sound, and music. In the resulting film, single, split-screen, and time-lapse images of graffiti, tracks and tunnels, local haunts, dark skies, chaos, city streets, and picture collages are juxtaposed with words and phrases about modernity, coincidence, entropy, life's compass, alienation, media, mayhem, memes, and deconstructing reality. Like other experimental media, SENSE/AntiSense can be challenging in its dense textures and rhythms of language and imagery. The film is presented in ten syncs, for viewing in short segments or in its entirety, allowing observers to breathe between syncs or to surrender to the total experience. Anyone interested in innovative forms of poetry, sound sculpture, and visual alchemy will want to give SENSE/AntiSense the "doubt of the benefit."