Black + White 20x20

On a chilly December night, the Apocalypse Center launched another collaborative project, Black & White 20 x 20. Glowing Heads selected twenty black and white photographs from their collected works to ignite the imaginations of prospective players. The photographs were taken at different times in different locations: a trailer park in Colorado; a contrail near an ancient tower in Sicily; a pregnant mannequin in a Köln shop; a bog from the Nisqually River Watershed; a man relaxing in a Paris park; cracked earth in Death Valley, and so on. Each participant was challenged to respond, in words, to a set of four photographs. The final presentation featured four large wall screens, as well as a book, interweaving over fifty participants' words with images. The assemblage was akin to an epic exquisite corpse, in which every individual imparted language to empower a picture, thus adding his or her voice to the overall composition.