Red Project

Glowing Heads launched another collaborative art venture based on color: The Red Project. This time recyclable cameras were sent to participants with instructions to photograph anything and everything red. The cameras traveled to China, Brazil, Kuwait, Germany, Canada, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Baton Rouge, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and beyond. In addition to photographing red, participants were asked to write red musings on paper strips and to provide 4 x 4-inch two-dimensional materials— some collage, fabric, textile, ephemera, etc. Glowing Heads then created art pieces using the raw materials received: four framed red collages; a four-panel folding screen decoupaged with red images; an interactive construction called Red Conundrum featuring wood blocks covered in red pictures; the Baton Rouge (a red painted stick with 200-plus red paper strips suspended from it, a random poem of red musings); a red enameled tree; a red chair; a primitive red twig lattice; several red-themed art installations; a CD of red music; and a repeating red image show. Red-dressed participants and art lovers gathered to view and converse at the Apocalypse Center, and to marvel at how red snubbed all other colors on this night.