The Blue Project

Glowing Heads envisioned The Blue Project as a community collaborative effort that would allow people to experience color in a new way. Disposable cameras were distributed to a chosen group of professionally and artistically diverse participants. The assignment was to take twenty-seven photographs that were predominantly blue, and return the cameras by a certain date for development. Glowing Heads then created twelve art pieces using a majority of the resulting images—collaged montages of photos in textural groupings, themed groupings, and storied groupings. They created a blue motif film, a CD of blue music, blue art stamps, art tickets, and even ancillary written pieces. Six weeks after the photographs were developed, participants, now dubbed the Blue Network, gathered at the Apocalypse Center, wearing blue, naturally, to listen to the blues, enjoy blue refreshments, view the finished pieces, and compare notes. In addition, a series of blue 20 x 20-foot images were projected on an outside wall on a snowy evening. Beautiful. Some months later, a public exhibition took place in a downtown gallery, where several pieces were sold to help finance the next collaborative project.